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The Story of Frank Acevedo

„I was afraid I'd let my clients down“


You have to be a really good listener.

Frank loves his job and his clients love him. As a mortgage banker, he spends a lot of the time on the phone with them. He has to be a really good listener to understand their needs.

His hearing aids have made a huge difference. In fact, he would not be able to do his job anymore without them.


The perfect solution for each customer

At Connect Hearing we are happy to have Frank as our customer because we can provide just the right solution for him. His hearing aids are small, sleek and barely visible.


And thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, he likes so much, he just hooks up his phone hands-free to his hearing aids and can stay in touch with his clients at all times. He can keep on enjoying his work and will continue to be able to make more and more clients happy.